Friday, 19 July 2013

Graphite running OSX finally... and an RF shield... and I have no tools!

That's right... OSX. Only Panther though, as my Tiger discs have grown legs.

I finally pulled the test drive out this evening, threw in some decent quantities of RAM and put in a 60Gb Barra out of an eMac as an interim until I can be bothered getting an even bigger one. that said, it's not like I'lll ever really fill 60Gb... It's all for the wank factor really. Anyway, having done that i set about installing a fresh copy of OSX on and then halfway through the install, an epiphony....

It was really way too easy swapping hard drives in and out... iin fact it was way to easy putting the thing back together at all!... and then it dawned on me.... Some dicknose had either pilfered or was too lazy to reinstall the RF cage over the logic board sometime in the past. Needless to say as soon as the System install was done the iMac was apart again and not too much ferretting around in a cupboard turned up a spare RF shield I'd saved off one of the past parts hacks. And thats when things turned sour...

I found myself have to try and put in the ridiculous cage screws down the sides, with a multi-bit screwdriver with a pozi-drive bit in the end, meaning after several failed attempts i ended up with a screw floating around inside the case, refusing to come out. this is the part where I completely ragequit at the fact some asshole has taken every single one of the 3 sets of expensive screwdrivers ive bought over the past 5 or so years. Of all of them, gone, leaving me stuck struggling with this single, miserable excuse for a screwdriver that I found floating around in the sink of the Kombi. And it's not a matter of me lending them and them not returning... i stopped lending tools long ago. Nooooooo... somebody, somewhere, has actually got the audacity to just take whatever they feel like from my toolbox and not put it back, and when I find out who, I WILL break their fingers, as I dont feel like spending half an hour of wrestling trying to get a rogue screw out of an iMac because some puss-wad is too much of a cheapskate tightarse bitch to buy their own tools! 

Anyway, eventually with the help of a buggered iMac speaker magnet and a bit of luck i got the screw out, and after a few more failed attempts at starting the screws with my non-magnetic, chunky, piece of shit screwdriver, I got the shield back on, got the machine back together, and now it goes a little something like this....


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