Sunday, 15 February 2015

A new forum for the Old New World... But are forums still a thing??

At this point in time, I figure it is pertinent to point out the existence of my latest hairbrain endeavour... a forum specifically for the users, collectors, and afficionado's of "New World" PowerPC systems, whether it be the original Bondi Blue iMac, or the ultimate incarnation of the PowerPC line, the monster Quad-Core PowerMac G5.

There are a lot of forums dealing with the 68k and pre-Mac side of Apple computing for the diehard enthusiasts, and there is at least one for PPC that seems far more focussed upon the earlier "Old World" 60x and G3 incarnations, as well as the usual mainstream ones which have little in the way of relevance to the vintage Mac community at all. What I havent found however, is a specific community of enthusiasts who collect, preserve , restore or modify the later post-beige era G3, G4 and G5 machines. Instead, we seem to just hang around in various other places, sometimes as outcasts, and hope to be accepted and helped out. OK, so that may have been a tad melodramatic, however the gist still stands... the late PowerPC Macs are a now-prominent niche and an important part of Apple history set among Mac collectors that arent as yet terribly well recognised or catered for.

Anyway, I do not know if forums are even really a thing anymore... I know the last Mac forum I ran, MacInYourEye, accrued a decent member base until the hosting company went bust, however that was over 10 years ago, before Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, were even a thing. At that time, forums had supplanted BBS and mailing list groups as the new streamlined,  way of bringing together those with a common interest from across the globe as an online community. These days, I notice a lot of once bustling forums I used to frequent (car and computer forums primarily), have a lot less traffic than they once did, and a few (including the original MacAddict/Maclife Forums) have just shut down altogether, taking with them a wealth of knowledge gathered over many years. On the other hand, Facebook groups thrive... I myself have more active members on a particular car group I run than a related forum now has members at all. But I digress... 

For as long as forum software exists, forums will exist, and as it stands, I guess computer enthusiasts are more likely to continue embracing the format than some other groups. With this said, if you happen to still like forums as a medium, and you are an afficionado of New World Mac tech, then here is your forum...

New World Powermac Forums 

I have made it as intuitive in it's layout as possible, and tried to keep redundancy to a minimum. In any case, feedback is welcome and encouraged. This forum may go nowhere but hey, at least the option is now there!


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