Monday, 5 October 2015

Well... that was a less than satisfactory day.

So, having a free day off today I decided to start gaining access to the buried portion of my Stack and in the process, found some unexpected old friends I had not been aboe to find as hey were in a far from expected place... these being my G3/266DT, 7300/200 and WGS7350/180. In addition, I also dragged from more expected places, my couple of PowerComputing PowerCenter clones, my 6100/66 DOS Compatible (which is by way of a daughtercard containing a full seperate 486 processor and it's own RAM banks and all), a IIsi, and my old 7600/200 video pig from many years back, as well as my Compaq Prolinea 486/33s ( I also maintain a small collection of early, pre-pentium Compaqs), my other IIvx, a bunch of floppies containing documents from my early teenage years i didnt realise I had backups of after my HDD crashed on my Colour Classic quite some  years ago, my boxed copies of Macwrite and Macpaint as well as some user guides for Macs and other Apple programs, a boxed Macsense Ethernet LC PDS card, the "Idiots Guide to The Mac" from the System 7 era, and the MS-DOS oem users manual.... all some great stuff hear!

... Well so I thought, until I discovered a stuffed battery that had cataclysmically leaked all over the G3 logic board, random corrosion from absolutely nowhere identifiable in a strangely located area on one of the clones, a couple of batteries hat were probably a few days away from causing mass harm. Add to that, half the files encounter read error on the diskettes full of old Clarisworks files, couldnt find the display adaptor for the 6100, then upon plugging the Workgroup Server in it didnt bong and instead lit the power LED and stayed silent until it it powered off and wouldnt power back on. After that, finally came  the coupe de grace, the failure to end all failure...the moment the 7600 was plugged in for 1 second then promptly had the PSU blow up with a loud bang and a rather unpleasant flame that was too close to my face and my Yikes G4,s white case sides. This thing was such a great workhorse and then I plug it in after 8 years and it nearly blows my soul-patch right off my chin! What even is going on here???

I think I give up for this morning... might have better luck after I wake up. Here's hoping the 7300 doesnt try and singe my eyebrows too!


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